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You need Tree Removal Services? That’s us!

When you want to enhance the outdoor area of your property, turning to tree care specialists is definitely one of them. With the help of experts, you will grow strong and healthy trees. Serving customers in Harlingen, TX, we run a reliable company that offers an affordable tree service for all your needs. With Valleywide Tree Trimming LLC, you will enjoy outstanding quality.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal

Looking for a reliable Tree Trimming in Harlingen, TX? Look no further!

What Are Our Services?

We offer outstanding tree removal and trimming services to both businesses and homeowners. Our specialists can also handle stump removal, landscaping, and lawn care tasks. Ensuring your satisfaction is our primary concern. Read more about our services!

We provide five star Pruning Services!

What Do We Do?

We use quality equipment and products to provide our customers with the professional tree removal, trimming, and landscaping services they need. First, we consult our clients and determine the nature of the job and their unique needs. Based on that, we give them an estimate on our labor and advice if they need any. Once we get the go-ahead, we handle the work we have to perform promptly and efficiently. With us, you will rely on a team of skilled and experienced professionals!

Valleywide Tree Trimming LLC provides quality Stump Removal Service in Harlingen, TX, 78550

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Us?

Licensed, bonded, insured, and working at reasonable rates, Valleywide Tree Trimming LLC has been serving the local community since 2008, providing services that epitomize all modern standards. From handling tree and stump removal jobs to delivering a tree pruning service, we do it all. Do not hesitate to contact us!

If you have a residential or commercial property in Harlingen, TX, and you require professional tree trimming or removal services, we are the specialists who will take care of your needs. Call us today to learn more!

Very good service. Did exactly what I wanted them to do. Cleaned up everything. I recommend them.
Michael Mackenzie
Michael Mackenzie
This company is AMAZING!!! I called them on 3 different occasions this year to do some work! They responded fast and preformed the job very well! I communicated with Gabriel all 3 times and he did such a great job on all our trees!!! I highly recommend this company!!
Kimberly Moreno
Kimberly Moreno
The owner came within 2 hours to give me a very reasonable estimate. Two hours later the 30’ tree was removed and the stump was gone !! Very professional with a great crew. I highly recommend.
Pamela Pehl
Pamela Pehl
Very impressed with this company. Very friendly, professional and cleaned up all debris including using leaf blowers to clean off roof tops and streets.
Devin Gillotti
Devin Gillotti
Very pleased with the job done. Completely removed 2 large trees and trimmed 3 more. Cleaned up afterwards. I would highly recommend them got any tree service you may need.
Kathy Posio
Kathy Posio
Valleywide Tree Trimming LLC did an outstanding job on our trees. They are very knowledgeable and professional. They did an amazing job on our ash tree. I was especially concerned about getting broken branches falling on us or our dog during high winds. Not a single branch has fallen since they trimmed, and we have had lots of high valley winds! They protected our oak trees from disease by cleaning their saws before cutting, and shaped them beautifully. Super guys! I highly recommend them. Jane Burkholder
Jane Burkholder
Jane Burkholder
Valley wide Tree Trimming trims palm trees right! They do it in a way that’s good for the tree and good for the employee - a lift truck to keep the employee safe and only removing the dead go keep the Palm healthy and looking great. We also had them remove a huge clustering fishtail which they sectioned so no surrounding plants were damaged. They also removed all the debris and the worksite practically looked like they were never there.
Mary Beth Simmons
Mary Beth Simmons
I just had a very discerning friend rave about this company: their professionalism, attention to detail, tree knowledge, concern for safety, and good business practices. Although they are educated in tree trimming, I do hope to soon see Certified Arborist listed among their qualifications.
Mary Beth Simmons
Mary Beth Simmons

Client’s Testimonial

May 11, 2020
by Marian Davis on Valleywide Tree Trimming LLC

I hired this reputable company for its tree trimming services, and I am very impressed. Its specialists did a great job, and I wish to recommend them for their professional skills.

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