Our Affordable Tree Service Includes Stump Removal!

Have you decided that the stumps in your backyard should be removed? Do you want these stumps removed because you don’t like how they look or because they’re causing problems for you? Whatever your reasons, you should consider booking an affordable tree service from professionals such as Valleywide Tree Trimming LLC. We can completely remove the stumps on your property in Harlingen, TX.

Why Remove Stumps?

Stump Removal Service Harlingen TX

Removing stumps is important because of several reasons. First, stumps take up a lot of space and you won’t have enough lawn space if you have a bunch of them in your backyard. It’s not recommended to have more than fifteen stumps. Second, stumps are hard to remove and unless you have a tractor or special equipment, you won’t be able to get rid of them. They can also cause major damage to your lawnmower if you accidentally hit them. For complete stump removal, consider hiring professionals like us!

We Can Remove Stumps!

Our stump removal service focuses on using proper tools so that we can successfully remove the stumps on your property. We’ll be using industry-grade tools so that we can cut the stumps at their base. We’ll then be able to lift the stump, remove it from the ground, and dispose of it properly. If you already have a wood pile, we’ll use a truck to lift them and bring them to the dump. We’ll then reshape the lawn to make sure that there won’t be any stumps that will cause problems. If you want your stumps removed, you know who to call.

Call us Whenever You Need Our Stump Removal Service!

Valleywide Tree Trimming LLC provides the affordable tree service you need so you can have stumps removed. Do you want the stumps on your property in Harlingen, TX to be removed? Give us a call at (956) 238-3202 today so we can start with the removal right away!

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