Need Tree Trimming This Winter?

Why Winter Is a Great Time for Pruning Trees

Given that winter has arrived and all the leaves have fallen, you probably don’t give your trees much thought. Unbelievable as it may seem, now is the perfect time to think about tree trimming. The best time to prune is during the winter.

By reading the information below, discover the advantages of pruning trees in the winter months.

Beating the Pests

In the winter, many insects and diseases that could harm trees through pruning cuts are also dormant. This makes pruning in the winter ideal.

Winter, however, is the only time to consider pruning for some trees. An example is oaks, which are particularly susceptible to fungal diseases like oak wilt and insect infestations.

Trees Do Get Stressed

The stress of pruning during the active growing season can harm your trees. Additionally, it might encourage new growth that will only have time to harden after the temperature drops.

Dormant pruning is best performed in the winter when trees are dormant. Because trees have larger energy reserves, they may heal more quickly.

Increase the Trees Yield

When pruning after the tree’s leaves have all fallen, it is simple to identify the best places to cut to maintain the tree’s structural integrity.

Additionally, it makes weak spots more noticeable, such as broken or sick branches. This increases the effectiveness of your trimming, which leads to a healthier tree and less risk.

Tree Pruning in Winter Makes Your Property Prettier

You can shape your trees during the winter through maintenance and pruning, whether your goal is to prevent them from growing in the way of buildings or walkways or to encourage or restrain growth. Most of the nearby plant life also benefits from winter pruning because it is dormant and less likely to be disturbed.

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