Tree Pruning Techniques for Your Residential Trees

Techniques on How to Prune Like a Professional

Healthy, beautiful trees are the foundation of a healthy and livable urban environment. If you want to keep your tree healthy and beautiful, it’s important to prune it correctly. Pruning is essential for maintaining the health of your tree and keeping them attractive for years to come. No matter what type of tree you have in your yard, here are some tips from our experts on how to prune them.

Correct Prune Cuts

The first thing you should do is make sure you’re cutting the branch back to a healthy bud. If it’s too far away from the trunk, it won’t be able to support itself and will eventually die. This can also be problematic in terms of how much water and nutrients are lost through wounds. It’s important not to cut back any branches until they’ve healed up completely.

Remove Suckers from Your Trees

Suckers are branches that grow out of the trunk of a tree. They’re usually very small in comparison to the main branch and can be easily removed if you notice them growing. You can cut them by using prune shears or with Sawzall. Using these tools requires less strength, but can still be effective at the same time.

Thinning or Removing Branches to Promote Light Penetration

If you’re looking to improve the amount of light entering your home and growing area, removing branches that are blocking other branches from receiving light is an easy way to do it. You can also prune branches that are blocking windows by cutting them off at ground level so they don’t grow back. Be sure to remove any dead wood on trees so they don’t rot over time and become unsightly eyesores in front yards throughout the neighborhood.

If you need professional help to prune your residential trees near Harlingen, TX area, Valleywide Tree Trimming LLC can provide you with quality pruning services to maintain your tree’s health. Call us at (956) 238-3202 today!

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